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Donald Trump brandishes 'secret' US-Mexico agreement to journalists

14 June 2019

US President Donald Trump managed to reveal details of his "secret" immigration deal with Mexico to reporters after he waved around a piece of A4 paper containing information about the agreement in front of photographers.

Trump, appearing at the White House on Wednesday with Poland's President Andrzej Duda, didn't elaborate on what could unfold in the next phase. Are they going to be this modern, professional security force that Mexico's president says they're going to be?

Washington wants Mexico to be declared a safe third country in which asylum seekers would have to seek safe harbor instead of the United States, a demand Mexico has rejected in the past.

This comes as Mexico is stepping up efforts to slow migration from Central America to avoid USA tariffs.

Mexico will "rapidly" deploy their National Guard to the southern border with Guatemala starting this week; sending the troops to avoid a proposed 5% tariff on all Mexican goods entering the United States. And it knew that its country was vulnerable - because while tariffs would certainly have hurt the USA economy, they would devastate Mexico's, which contracted in the first quarter of 2019.

The agreement which was signed on Friday, June 7, also requires the Mexican government to expand the initiative to return asylum seekers from the USA border to Mexico while they wait for their claims to be processed. However, if for some unknown reason there is not, we can always go back to our previous, very profitable, position of Tariffs - But I don't believe that will be necessary.

"Mexico is not going to fail".

Mr Trump had agreed to a 45-day time-frame to prove Mexico has been effective in controlling illegal immigration.

If this plan failed, the foreign minister said, Mexico had agreed to be designated a safe third country - something that the United States had demanded previously, but had always been rejected by Mexico.

The problem is that Mr Trump is also likely to declare that the deal with Mexico demonstrated that its trade policies are working - if one defines "trade policy" as the use of tariffs as a weapon in trying to resolve conflicts over non-trade issues.

"But regardless, I mean, you knew enough of what it said".

Mexico also agreed to carry out thousands more arrests of illegal migrants each week and to remove the caps it imposed on the number of US asylum seekers it would accept and hold inside Mexico. Have you seen any sign of them? But the long-term costs of such an approach could be very high, since it creates a climate of global instability and endangers U.S. relations with close allies, like Mexico, while threatening to escalate tensions with competitors like China.

Donald Trump brandishes 'secret' US-Mexico agreement to journalists