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Bloggers criticised for taking 'insensitive' photos at the Chernobyl site

13 June 2019

31 people were officially recorded by Soviet Russia as killed in the Chernobyl disaster, but estimates for the total number of victims range from 4,000 to 93,000.

Tourism at the site has increased by 40 per cent since the TV series about the disaster, which has been linked to the deaths of thousands of people, was broadcast last month.

One Instagram user posed in front of an abandoned building in Pripyat, the ghost town once home to 50,000 people who mainly worked at the plant, with her hazmat suit open and her underwear clearly visible.

Although no one is allowed to live in the 2,600 square kilometer (1,000 square mile) zone around the former Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, visiting the city of Chernobyl and the closer town of Pripyat is allowed under tightly controlled conditions with official guides.

In a tweet Tuesday, Mazin said that while it's great the HBO show on the subject has inspired people to go to the site in the Ukraine, "If you visit, please remember that a awful tragedy occurred there".

Chernobyl creator and writer Craig Mazin is aware of the spike in tourism to the area, though he chose to take to Twitter to encourage everyone to please, you know, be respectful since a large number of people actually died there. "I don't know about you but I see a place like this and I do not stop crying for days".

Around 5000 cases of thyroid cancer, most of which were treated and cured, were caused by the contamination.

Craig Mazin, the screenwriter and creator of HBO's Chernobyl, has responded to reports that "influencers" have been flocking to the doomed nuclear power plant in Ukraine to share inappropriate photos from the tragic location.

"Very rarely do people go to these sites because they enjoy, in some morbid, dark way, the suffering of others". "Most of the people say they made a decision to book after seeing this show".

Bloggers criticised for taking 'insensitive' photos at the Chernobyl site