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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 release date, price, specs, news and features

12 June 2019

It also comes with a six-axis accelerometer for physical activity monitoring.

As expected, Xiaomi have launched their latest Mi band 4 today in China.

Of course, Xiaomi couldn't possibly afford to integrate Global Positioning System functionality directly into this wearable too, but believe it or not, the Mi Band 4 can monitor your heart rate and facilitate mobile payments straight from your wrist.

Xiaomi's smart bands have always been known for their spectacular battery backup. This allows it to recognise voice commands, and pass them on to connected devices. There's a standard version which is priced RMB 169 (~Rs 1,700) while the NFC version and Avengers Edition variants will be available for RMB 229 (~Rs 2,300) and RMB 349 (~Rs 3,500) respectively. Apart from the connectivity, it will also help in digital payments, public transport cards and more.

True to the rumors, we're looking at a larger, color AMOLED screen (0.95 inches) here compared to the Mi Band 3's monochrome display (0.78 inches).

There's now no word on when Mi Band 4 launches in India, but we could hope to see Xiaomi launch it alongside the Redmi K20 series next month. Plus, it can also identify different swimming styles like freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, and mixed-style. As with previous Mi Bands, you'll be able to easily swap out bracelets, and there's going to be a limited edition Avengers set to celebrate the launch.

Additionally, one can use the Mi Band 4's display to find the smartphone or switch the music track with just one tap.

The Mi Band 4 will be available in China starting June 14th for the non-NFC variant while the NFC variant will be available starting June 18th.

With the NFC support, the Mi Band 4 can be used for making payments through AliPay and WeChat Pay.

While the AMOLED display sure is a welcome change, the biggest addition to Mi Band 4 comes in the form of an AI voice assistant. While a 135mAh battery powers the standard variant offering 20 days of battery life, the NFC variant is fueled by a 125mAh battery delivering 15 day of backup.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 release date, price, specs, news and features