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Watch Dogs Legion Release Date Announced

12 June 2019

According to the freshly released trailer, the latest Watch Dogs game, Watch Dogs: Legion is coming to put the term "NPC" to the test in a world that imagines England's government turning on its citizens.

Saying that Ubisoft made a lot of announcements at E3 this week would be an understatement.

However, to fill in the gaps with important contextual information, Ubisoft has given us a pretty beefy gameplay video to chew on. So we're not quite sure how it's actually going to create this photorealistic future London. If that wasn't bad enough, organized crime families rule London's underground with an iron fist.

The wait is finally over, as a trailer officially unveiling the game was shown off, finally detailing what the game is, where it will take place, and who the main characters are. Well, it mostly means the game will support real-time ray tracing, the graphics technology on which Nvidia based much of its RTX platform's appeal.

Play as an elderly grandma with an ex-assassin's combat abilities, a fast-talking hacker, or any number of other character archetypes. But if you draw a gun - even a nonlethal one - they'll do likewise, and the confrontation could end with your character permanently killed.

How exactly Ubisoft is accomplishing this extremely ambitious idea from a technical perspective is unknown, but the concept is certainly exciting. Then the standard edition is the one you'll want. In the process, it was also divulged that the game will launch next year on March 6, 2020.

All four editions are now up for pre-order on Ubisoft's store, with the Gold Edition running $99.99, the Ultimate Edition coming in at $119.99, and the Collector's Edition setting you back at not-insignificant $189.99. The Collector's Edition, which includes 3-day early access, a usable "Ded Coronet Mask", a steelbook, Collector's Box, stickers, poster, and more, will run you $189.

Watch Dogs Legion Release Date Announced