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Boris Johnson builds momentum in UK Conservative race

11 June 2019

Around a dozen British Conservative MPs will formally throw their hats into the ring on Monday in the fight to replace Theresa May as party leader and Prime Minister, with her former foreign secretary Boris Johnson seen as the runaway favourite.

The Brexit years have not been kind to the Conservative Party - first losing the Brexit referendum against the British people that was meant to be a certain victory and which forced Cameron's resignation, and then almost three years of self-inflicted Brexit defeats at the hands of Theresa May.

Most have given television and radio interviews and held public launch events - things Johnson has so far avoided, in an attempt to reduce the chance of gaffes that could derail his campaign.

"Our failure to deliver Brexit has put our country and party in grave peril", Hunt said as he officially launched his campaign.

Selmayr said Johnson used the same kind of "populism" as United States leader Donald Trump and French far-right leader Marine Le Pen to get ahead.

Referring to the 2016 leadership race when Mr. Johnson abruptly stepped aside, Mr. Gove said: "Mr. Johnson, whatever you do, don't pull out".

Because the government has seen so many resignations over Theresa May's bungled handling of Brexit over the past three years, many Conservative big-hitters languish on the back-benches and outside of government.

Britain's Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Johnson, who has also suggested that London could withhold an agreed 39 billion pound Brexit payment, is one of a number of candidates who has promised to take Britain out of the European Union with or without a deal on Oct 31.

Nominations to replace her had to be submitted on Monday, and the party's 1922 Committee, which is running the contest, said 10 candidates had achieved the required support of at least eight of the Conservatives' 300-plus elected lawmakers.

Gove admitted he had made a mistake by taking cocaine 20 years ago.

Raab, the former Brexit secretary, is another hard Brexiteer who was accused by the EU's Selmayr of "pure disinformation" and of making "fraudulent" claims on the future of Ireland after Brexit.

Javid's background as the son of Pakistani immigrants sets him apart from numerous other Conservative contenders.

During the Brexit referendum of 2016, Javid was on the "remain" side but has since embraced Brexit, though some Brexiteers remain suspicious of his allegiances.

Health Secretary Mr Hancock pitches himself as the face of a younger, modernising generation in the Conservative Party.

However, he looks determined to carry on with his bid saying he is "undaunted" by criticism because he believes he can deliver Brexit.

The race to succeed Ms.

Michael Gove has pledged a raft of policies targeting "overlooked families and undervalued communities" as he sought to shrug off revelations about drug use and remain in the race to be Britain's next prime minister. "We must grow our bonds into a very special relationship built on centuries of diplomacy, trade and common values, and importantly, our people to people ties that continue to enrich our countries and our links", she said. The party has been dragged down by the Brexit turmoil and finished fifth in the recent elections to the European parliament. He is trying to turn that to his advantage, arguing that he represents a clean break from May's administration, which has tried and failed to deliver Brexit.

Boris Johnson builds momentum in UK Conservative race