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Jupiter Is Putting On a Show for You

09 June 2019

What is happening on Monday, June 10 is that Jupiter will reach opposition. It is a yearly occurrence that is the best time to see Jupiter because the planet will rise at dusk and will remain visible in the sky all night. If the planets are situated like that, the gas giant is close to our planet. Disruptive clouds are also in the forecast for much of the central United States and Canada.

Folks that miss the Jupiter opposition on Monday night can wait until a night later this month when the sky is clear as the planet will appear almost as bright throughout all of June.

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), this annual event is officially known as 'opposition, ' when Jupiter, Earth and the sun are arranged in a straight line with Earth in the middle. That means Earth will be directly between Jupiter and the Sun. The planet and even its moons can be seen and not using a telescope, and Jupiter will probably be near Earth than at another time for the rest of the year. One can see Jupiter and three of its largest moons over the Wasatch Mountains.

Jupiter and its four largest moons as seen through a telescope. Monday night in particular, about midnight local time, should provide the clearest view, reports USA Today.

On a good night, you will be able to see the planet with the naked eye, however if you get your bins out, you should be able to see its four biggest moons (it has 79 in total).

The night of June 16 into June 17 will bring another good opportunity for people to spot Jupiter in the sky as it will appear next to the full moon.