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AMCA Healthcare Hack Widens Again, Reaching 20.1M Victims

08 June 2019

"Such breaches make private, personal and financial information vulnerable to criminals, leading to potential identity theft and irreparable harm to their credit reports and financial futures", the senators wrote AMCA President Russell Fuchs. LabCorp provided no ordered test, laboratory results, or diagnostic information to AMCA.

The data breach that potentially exposed the personal and healthcare information of almost 12 million Quest Diagnostics customers has also possibly affected another 7.7 million customers of fellow lab testing company LabCorp.

"We remain committed to our system's security, data privacy and the protection of personal information", AMCA said in a statement.

The leaked data includes names, birth dates, addresses, phone numbers, financial information and medial information.

BioReference's announcements comes after testing giants Quest and LabCorp announced they too were customers of AMCA, with potentially millions of patients affected by the breach.

BioReference has not sent any collection requests to AMCA since October 2018, and it will not send any new collection requests to AMCA, Opko Health said in the filing.

Quest rivals LabCorp and Opko Health have subsequently reported being affected by the same breach, bringing the total number of impacted patients to upwards of 20 million.

The data breach was reportedly meant to target a third-party collection agency, American Medical Collection Agency.

No social security numbers, bank account passwords or security questions were compromised in the data breach, which happened between August 1, 2018, and March 30, 2019.

Opko Health said its affected unit, BioReference Laboratories Inc, suspended collection requests to AMCA since October previous year, and has asked the vendor to stop working on any pending collection requests involving the company's customers.

The security officials at Inmediata halted the website temporarily and contacted a digital forensic firm to investigate the incident.

The medical sector is one of the most targeted by cybercriminals, as harvested data is extremely useful: it can be sold on the dark web or used directly for fraud.

AMCA Healthcare Hack Widens Again, Reaching 20.1M Victims