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Women around the world unite against US abortion bill

18 May 2019

The state's Republican-led House will have to approve the legislation before it is sent to the desk of Republican Gov. Mike Parson. When I think about the fact that women might have to face abortions in even worse conditions than I did because of new laws, my stomach turns."Actor and politician Cynthia Nixon said her mother underwent a "harrowing" backstreet abortion before the procedure was made legal, joining thousands who tweeted under #youknowme."In 2010, my wife had a legal abortion after we found out her pregnancy was not viable", she also wrote in the post."We can not and will not go back."British actor and presenter Jameela Jamil said that having an abortion in her youth was the "best decision I have ever made" and predicted that Alabama's law would lead to "chaos"."Hope the people of Alabama who want the abortion ban are up for donating their money and space to the MEGA influx of kids in need of care, coming your way", she wrote". The legislation also punishes doctors with 99 years in prison for performing abortion services. A woman who receives an abortion would not be held criminally liable. The state's House Health and Welfare Committee approved a heartbeat bill on May 15.

While some erosion of abortion rights has occurred over the decades - parental consent laws, waiting periods, procedure curtailment - the fundamental right has largely been by ruled by the courts, and viewed by the public, as guaranteed under Roe. Its senators voted only hours after Alabama's governor signed the most stringent abortion ban in the nation on Wednesday, making performing an abortion a felony in almost all cases. She's been one of the Senate's most vocal members on issues of sexual harassment, military sexual assault, equal pay for women and family leave.

Missouri is among several states where abortion opponents are working with renewed enthusiasm following US President Donald Trump's appointment of more conservative high court justices.

Some of those laws have already been challenged in court, and similar restrictions in North Dakota and Iowa were struck down by judges.

Missouri is the latest state to pass an extreme anti-abortion bill, that will ban abortion in nearly all cases after eight weeks. That code criminalized abortion in Alabama, but it can't be enforced because of Roe v. Wade.

There's still a ban on abortions at eight weeks, but there's no longer a ban on abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.

In its Roe v. Wade decision, the Supreme Court noted that viability typically was 24 to 28 weeks.

GOP Rep. Nick Schroer said his legislation is "made to withstand judicial challenges and not cause them".

Republicans and Democrats worked for hours to reach a compromise on the bill, which included an expansion of tax credits for donations to pregnancy resource centers, and waters down other provisions.

If the courts block Missouri's proposed ban as it is, the bill has created room for less restrictive limits, ranging from 14 to 20 weeks.

Still, some lawmakers on both sides of the debate walked away unhappy. Some women are sharing their personal stories of rape and pregnancy, others are posting calls to action to vote these men out of office and some are simply shaming them.

"It is outrageous that it has no exemptions for victims of human trafficking, rape or incest", she said.

Jill Schupp said while arguing against the bill on the floor.

Mr Parson, who supports the bill, said it would allow Missouri to become "one of the strongest pro-life states in the country". Republicans had been playing offense by casting Democrats as extreme due to a recent NY law expanding access to late-term abortion - a move McDaniel criticized Friday.

Women around the world unite against US abortion bill