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Helicopter lands on Hudson River; only pilot aboard

18 May 2019

Live video from the scene shows the helicopter being tied to a bulkhead. The ferry company New York Waterway said in a press release that one of its boats rescued the pilot around 1:20 p.m. The pilot was the only person on-board at the time of the landing, he exited the helicopter and according to scanner traffic, he is uninjured.

New York City onlookers were left shocked and anxious on May 15, after a helicopter was spotted spinning around in the air before crashing into the Hudson River. Sciaino was carrying passengers between Hoboken and Manhattan when he saw the crash.

Blade called the landing "safe", with the helicopter coming down on floats near the heliport.

'The helicopter was being repositioned to the West Side Heliport for fueling by the operator, Zip Aviation, and was not servicing a Blade mission. Investigators responded to the crash site, the agency said.

All Blade services, which allow people to book by the seat, or charter or crowdsource a flight, are operating normally.

Currently, the pilot and one heliport worker that was injured by debris are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries, according to the FDNY.

Details about the cause of the helicopter crash were not immediately available.

Airbags on the helicopter are deployed just milliseconds before it hits the water. And that is when I grabbed my phone and I ran over and took video.

"It was the craziest thing I've ever seen", Byrd said. It just started you know, spinning in a circle.

The Bell 206 went down on the shoreline of the Hudson River near 12th Avenue and West 34th Street at 2.26pm local time, the New York Post reports.

Helicopter lands on Hudson River; only pilot aboard