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Google bolsters travel-related services

18 May 2019

The new GSEC will make Munich a global hub for Google's efforts towards cross-product privacy engineering, Mr. Pichai wrote in a blog post.

Google has planned to combine all the travel features into one app named Google Trips.

There are a lot of travel apps out there but if you don't feel like downloading another app and if you mostly use Google to look for things like flights, hotels, restaurants, etc, then this new tool from the tech giant will be really helpful for you. Experts believe that Google Trips could be a revolutionary feature.

We know that there is no search topic that Google has not covered.

However, even though I'm on the latest Google Maps 10.15.2, I don't have this new interface, so the change seems to be happening server-side. Google Travel should have access to similar resources, but Google's ability to execute with focus has slowly come under question, as it has cut a long series of services over the years. With Google Trips, all your travel reservations are automatically gathered from Gmail and organised for you into individual trips.

"We're now rolling this out on desktop as well". The service has also improved its time-line feature, and will display updates for flights if you track their prices in a Google search.

It also pits the company against the popular TripIt service, which already automatically processes bookings forwarded to a dedicated email address, and which can be integrated into Google Calendar. The technology for this was released to much fanfare a year ago after Google attested it creating a call to reserve a restaurant reservation. Presently, when you visit, you'll first discover Trips which gives users a chance to plan their travel via searching through a destination to discover options for flights, hotels, travel guides, or vacation packages.

Holden admitted at the launch that in the past "we haven't done a good job" of connecting users' travel-related activity, reported Bloomberg.

Google bolsters travel-related services