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Campaigning in WB to end tomorrow after EC's unprecedented action

18 May 2019

Sensing the lack of the number of seats that allow it to call shots in the post results scenario, Congress party on Thursday nearly went back on its claim for the post of Prime Minister as the leader of UPA and a resort to opposition parties.

Rahul said Modi had already lost the fight and people will not forgive him for standing a mute spectator when Dalits and minorities were being attacked, youth were being deprived of jobs and scholarships, farmers were committing suicide or were being thrown behind bars and the money of the people was being stolen from them. Referring to the huge gathering at the meeting, Modi said it was a "live example of what would happen on May 23".

He exuded confidence that the Congress-led UPA will form the next government.

"Congress ka Ahankar Satve Aasman pe hai" (Congress arrogance is at its peak)", he said. "But this is not going to be the last", Kumar said. Modi complained to the public that those people have been hurling abuses at him and trying to damage his image and defame him.

Targeting the Congress on terrorism, Modi said: "The Congress has promised to end the sedition law but BJP will not allow it. On the other hand, this chowkidar of yours has been the pradhan sevak (chief servant) for the past five years", he said.

The Congress president while addressing the rally in Neemuch forming part of Mandsaur constituency, also took a dig at PM Modi recent suggestions in an interview, about clouds that helped Indian fighter planes escape the Pakistani radars during the Balakot strikes.

While taking on Narendra Modi for brazenly lying and cheating to further his political interests, the Congress leader criticised the SAD on the issues of sacrilege and mafia rule during their regime.

Gandhi asked party leader Rajiv Shukla to sned the child to AIIMS and her charter plane took the child and her family to Delhi within hours.

"Democracy has given you the Chief Minister's chair and you are killing it. Is it because Modi has two rallies scheduled for tomorrow?"

Modi also spoke of steps taken by his government like reservations for the economically backward in the general category, better sanitation facilities under the Swachha Bharat Yojana which has spared the humiliation our mothers and sisters had to face and universal medical insurance cover under Ayushman Bharat Yojana. Banerjee said in a statement shared by O'Brien.

Campaigning in WB to end tomorrow after EC's unprecedented action