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Blizzard's 'World of Warcraft Classic' servers go live on August 26

18 May 2019

World of Warcraft Classic was first revealed during the BlizzCon 2017 keynote with the mission, according to Blizzard, to "reproduce the game experience that we all enjoyed from the original classic WoW without the launch experience". A series of stress tests will give a bigger set of players the chance to see Classic ahead of launch, and it'll give Blizzard some data on what sort of server load to expect when it properly goes live. That decision followed years of fans doing the same "behind" Blizzard's back, though their attempt to do so was an open secret-one that Blizzard battledaggressively.

"To fill our pool of beta and stress test participants, we'll be choosing dedicated players who meet select criteria from both the WoW Classic beta opt-in and the standard Warcraft beta opt-in", a message from Blizzard confirms. An official list of each region's release time for this particular release date was also revealed, and you can find this date and time list below.

The good news is that if you're an ardent World of Warcraft fans, you have a better chance of joining in then less active community members.

World of Warcraft Classic takes players back to the beginnings of Blizzard Entertainment's groundbreaking massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Those wishing to opt in to the betas can do so now through their accounts, although they will need an active subscription in order to be eligible. Blizzard will be celebrating their 15th anniversary by allowing for 25-player raids that will pit players against some of the most iconic bosses in the franchise. And at the end of it all, players will be able to ride across Azeroth on the Obsidian Worldbreaker - a mount that bares a strong resemblance to Deathwing the Destroyer. Players can pre-purchase it today on and at selected retailers around the world.

Blizzard's 'World of Warcraft Classic' servers go live on August 26