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Selena Gomez blasts social media as 'terrible' for her generation

16 May 2019

While promoting her new film The Dead Don't Die at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, the singer and actress, 26, opened up about her fears about the impact social media has made on her generation. Late a year ago, the former Disney star checked herself into a psychiatric facility in NY so that she could get one-on-one help dealing with anxiety and depression.

"The Dead Don't Die" - directed by Jim Jarmusch and also starring Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Chloë Sevigny and Adam Driver - follows the happenings in so-called Centreville USA, which is overcome by zombies after "polar fracking" tilts the planet off its axis. At a Cannes press conference for her new movie on Wednesday, she addressed the issue of such exposure, as it pertains to her and her fans. "I understand it's wonderful to use your platform, but it does scare me when you see how exposed that these young girls and young boys are and they're not really aware of the news or anything going on". "What Jim (Jarmusch) gestured to in the film is that social media has really been bad for my generation", Gomez, 26, told a news conference. "I'll see these young girls at meet-and-greets. They're not really aware of the news or anything going on". "I don't think people are getting the right information sometimes".

The I Can't Get Enough singer kept in tune with her tailored look and wore her hair in a low chignon with a sleek middle part.

While she did say that she's "grateful to have a platform", she noted, "In any way I can, I'll share things I'm very passionate about". "I don't take a lot of pointless pictures I like to be intentional with it". They are devastated, dealing with bullying and not being able to have their own voice.

Gomez further shared, "It can be great in moments, but I'd just be careful and allow yourself some time limits - when to use it, and when you shouldn't".

A performer with an extensive following on social media says that the platforms are unsafe.

"After hours of scrolling through Instagram feeds, I just feel worse about myself because I feel left out", one teen told the New York Post at the time. Complications from the surgery nearly killed her, and the extended recovery time left her weak and scarred.

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Selena Gomez blasts social media as 'terrible' for her generation