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More than 800 cases of measles in the US

16 May 2019

That's 75 more cases than the agency reported last week and is inching closer to the 963 cases reported in 1994 which is the highest number of cases in a year in the last 25 years.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the latest numbers Monday. Brooklyn and Rockland, New York; Oakland, Michigan; and Clark County, Washington, located in southern part of the state, were among the hardest hit.

Officials in New York City and Rockland County - where almost 700 people combined have contracted measles since late past year - have taken measures such as declaring emergencies over the issue and implementing bans on unvaccinated minors in certain schools or public places.

This year's count of measles cases has already surpassed 800... and it's only May. These areas are home to the Orthodox Jewish communities that have been reporting an increasing number of cases since October.

GWYNNE HOGAN, BYLINE: In the summer of 1990, New Kids On The Block were at the top of the charts, and New York City was in the middle of a massive measles outbreak.

"We all knew that what was really driving the return of diseases like measles was the growing vaccine refusal, the anti-vax movement", said UT Austin professor Sahotra Sarkar.

The best way to protect against the disease is to get the measles-mumps-rubella shot (MMR) shot. As of May 10, the CDC says 23 states had seen individual cases of measles this year, and several are now experiencing outbreaks: New Jersey, Michigan, Georgia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, as well as Butte, Los Angeles and Sacramento counties in California.

According to the Rockland County Health Department, more than 20,000 doses of the MMR vaccine have been administered there since October.

Two were in Florida, the first in Broward and the second in Pinellas. Those born before 1957 are assumed to have had measles and are therefore immune and don't need to be vaccinated.

More than 800 cases of measles in the US