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Two coffees a day could help you live longer, research suggests

15 May 2019

Most of the people agreed that drinking lots of coffee may feel you irritable, jittery, and even nauseous at times.

The research team said their study confirms that excess caffeine contributes to cardiovascular disease, particularly high blood pressure. According to an infographic about coffee consumption produced by the National Coffee Association, coffee drinkers down an average of only 3.2 cups daily.

Having set out to uncover the relation between long-term coffee consumption and heart disease and to explore the potentials of the caffeine-metabolizing gene, the researchers made quite interesting findings.

So as to keep up a strong heart and a sound circulatory strain, people must restrain their coffee less than six glasses per day, analysts said.

It's likewise a noteworthy reason for death with one individual dying from the disease every 12 minutes in that country.

In the past, coffee consumption has been attributed to slow growth of prostate cancer, stunting growth, overall improved heart health and a reduced risk of developing neurodegenerative brain diseases, such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.

Researchers from the University of South Australia analyzed the health records and self-reported dietary patterns of 347,077 participants between the ages of 37 and 73.

"In order to maintain a healthy heart and a healthy blood pressure, people must limit their coffees to fewer than six cups a day - based on our data six was the tipping point where caffeine started to negatively affect cardiovascular risk".

According to a new meta-analysis, drinking two cups of coffee daily can apparently increase one's life expectancy by up to two years! People with this gene could metabolize coffee faster than others.

Coffee is packed with health benefits, from boosting energy levels and your metabolic rate to lowering your risk of depression and type 2 diabetes. "Knowing the limits of what's good for you and what's not is imperative", Hyppönen said in the press release. However, another group of scientists find that six or more cups of coffee could lead to higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

It's a question Dr Labos has addressed before, in an op-ed for the Montreal Gazette in 2014, in which he broke down various studies on the risks of caffeine after the FDA issued a warning about caffeine consumption.

Their results showed that "Coffee drinking was inversely associated with mortality, including among those drinking 8 or more cups per day and those with genetic polymorphisms".

Two coffees a day could help you live longer, research suggests