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HTC Exodus 1s is a $300 Smartphone Running a Full Bitcoin Node

15 May 2019

The blockchain fever has started mid past year with the HTC Exodus being joined by the Opera crypto wallet and the FINNEY dual screen.

Phil Chen, who serves HTC with the unusual title of Decentralized Chief Officer, described the new device as a part of the company's mission to "empower the user". If you may remember, the HTC Exodus 1 blockchain smartphone was made ready for non-crypto users nearly a year after we first learned about the cryptocurrency phone. Moreover, HTC says that the phone will be capable of acting as a full Bitcoin node; a feature that Peter Chen, CEO of HTC, says is a "really important piece of the pie" for the Bitcoin ecosystem. You can securely store Bitcoin and other digital currencies on the device, and it supports decentralized app technology. "We definitely want to support that first and given what bitcoin stands for, open, neutral, censorship-resistance". Full nodes are now the most private way to use BTC as well as the most secure as they do not suffer from many attacks that affect lightweight wallets.

The Taiwan-based consumer electronics corporation HTC is looking to bring Bitcoin capabilities to more people. The executive commented that the new HTC 1s will be much more affordable and will run a fully validating node, so users will be able to save the details of all transactions uploaded to the blockchain while contributing to strengthening the network.

The company has announced a new blockchain phone called the Exodus 1s.

Chen said, "The company has always believed in an open source environment and that's now more important than ever as the tech world recognizes that the open source movement got hijacked into owning everybody's data".

The new device is expected to launch by third quarter, and whilst it has yet to be confirmed, the price will range between $250- $300.

Following this news, HTC marks the biggest step yet seeking to integrate mobile technology with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. While the bitcoin blockchain would be supported at launch, other networks could be added going forward. Chen added: "The bitcoin blockchain is about 200 [gigabytes], and it's growing about 60 gigs per year".

HTC Exodus 1s is a $300 Smartphone Running a Full Bitcoin Node