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WhatsApp Beta is updated and adds another piece of Dark Mode

14 May 2019

Recall that earlier reported that WhatsApp announced that it would stop working on all Windows smartphones as from December 2019.

Hopefully, there will be more news on this feature in coming months and we'll update you as soon as we hear more.

Yep, it is an updated FAQ answer page that has brought the news of doom and gloom to all Windows Phone users. According to Statista, Windows Phone's market share (in the UK) has dropped to just above 0.5%, but, to be fair, it was never that high to begin with.

WhatsApp has confirmed that it has stopped developing the messaging app for iOS 7 and older versions.

The ending support from WhatsApp won't affect many people as there have been no new Windows Phone handsets since 2015, and iOS 7, and Android 2.3.7 are from 2013 and 2010 respectively.

For Android iOS 7 version, phones like Sony Xperia Advance, Lenovo K800, Samsung S Lightray 4G SCH-R940, Motorola Defy Pro XT 560, Samsung S2 LTE GT-i9210T, LG Optimus 3D Max P720, HTC Velocity 4G will be cut off.

WhatsApp has updated its FAQ posted on its website last week.

Anybody running Android 4.03 or iOS 8 or newer will be able to continue using WhatsApp unhindered. While many apps have already offered Dark Mode, WhatsApp users haven't been given the option to switch the theme, forcing them to use the bright background in the app. Things could be changing soon. It is one of the most anticipated features of all time that could also benefit users in many ways, including reducing strain on eyes while using the app in the dark and extending battery life. In the lack of any official advice from the messaging company, all we can say is get yourself an Android smartphone that's not yet nine years old or an iPhone from the last six years.

WhatsApp Beta is updated and adds another piece of Dark Mode