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Weather looks good for SpaceX night launch from Cape Canaveral

14 May 2019

SpaceX proactively took steps to avoid cluttering the skies with even more potentially unsafe space junk - SpaceX plans to launch the Starlink network to a lower altitude that most other satellites that orbit the Earth.

Shotwell ultimately referred to this batch as "demonstration" satellites, which will test out how the company plans to deploy these vehicles into orbit. But that duo, nicknamed Tintin-A and Tintin-B, were pathfinders; the 60 going up this week are "production-design" satellites, Musk said.

The demo satellites to be launched on 15 May will be "test satellites" that don't have some of the features (inter-satellite links, for one) intended for the final Starlink satellites.

The satellites form a network that SpaceX is calling Starlink, which will consist of 7,000 total satellites when finished.

Deployment of thousands of satellites created to provide worldwide low-priced internet access will take a level up with the help of the demonstration mission.

A Falcon 9 rocket is set to blast off Wednesday carrying technology created to increase broadband internet access around the world.

The SpaceX boss tweeted a shot of the flat-packed satellites flat-packed in the rocket's nose cone.

What's more, a Starship designed for people may be poised to launch them to the moon and perhaps Mars. Musk also adds that the firm needs to perform a further six launches of this type in order to have enough satellites in orbit to deliver "minor" broadband coverage. One Twitter user was quick to point out that seven launches would equal 420 satellites, a number that Musk has enjoyed.

Musk also noted that "much will likely go wrong" on this first flight.

If everything goes according to plan, the first 60 Starlink satellites will be launched into space on Wednesday. The satellites will be launched into three different orbital shells.

Weather looks good for SpaceX night launch from Cape Canaveral