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Tiger Woods sued over restaurant staffer's drunk driving death

14 May 2019

Tiger Woods is being sued by the parents of an alcoholic bartender who died after crashing his auto on his way home from a shift at the golfer's bar.

A lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports alleges that Woods contributed to the death of Nicholas Immesberger, 24, who is said to have been over-served following a shift at The Woods restaurant in Jupiter to the point of "severe intoxication" before fatally crashing his vehicle while attempting to drive himself home on December 10.

According to the lawsuit, Woods and Herman were aware that Immesberger struggled with alcoholism but still permitted him to be served in the restaurant. He later drove back home and on his way lost control of his vehicle.

The lawsuit, which reportedly seeks "in excess of" $15,000, claims that Immesberger was over-served for multiple hours following his shift at The Woods.

Both Tiger Woods and his girlfriend, Erica Herman (right), were named in the lawsuit.

Tiger Woods is being sued over the drunk-driving death of a bartender who worked at his Florida restaurant and was known to have a problem with alcohol.

Neither Woods' agent nor a media relations representative answered CNN's requests for comment.

Immesberger's parents claim Woods and Herman knew their son was an alcoholic and should be held responsible for his death. As Woods has staged a career comeback that began past year and culminated in his triumph last month at the Masters, Herman has become a familiar figure to golf fans, who have seen Woods greet her with affection after completing rounds.

The suit also alleges that Woods and Herman were drinking with Immesberger at The Woods "only a few nights before" the accident.

The news broke hours after Woods played his opening practice round for the 101st PGA Championship, the year's second major golf tournament which starts Thursday at Bethpage Black on Long Island in NY. The 43-year-old will be seeking to earn a second straight major title following his win last month at the Masters, which was his first major victory since 2008.

Tiger Woods sued over restaurant staffer's drunk driving death