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Three bodies found impaled with crossbow bolts at 'quiet' German hotel

14 May 2019

Hotel staff in Passau had on Saturday discovered the three dead Germans in their room around noon alongside two crossbows. All three of the deceased were German.

The man and the older woman were found lying on the bed on Saturday, holding hands with multiple bolts in them, while the younger woman lay on the floor with a single bolt wound.

The bodies were found at the hotel in Passau on Saturday morning by an employee who opened the door to their three-bed room when they didn't respond to repeated knocking. The man and the older woman were from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in south-western Germany, while the younger woman was last registered as living in Wittingen in Lower Saxony, in the north of the country.

A shocked maid coming to clean the rooms found the bodies.

Police said they didn't immediately have details of the identity of the women found in a search of the apartment in Wittingen, in northern Germany, and what happened to them.

Some German media reported that the trio had booked to stay for three nights, without breakfast, and had already been there for two days when they were discovered.

The three had all checked into the hotel on the Ilz river near Passau by the Austrian border on Friday. Hunting with bows or crossbows is banned in Germany.

Local newspaper Passauer Neue Presse spoke to another hotel guest, who said that it had been a "completely quiet night".

German media say one sticker has the letters FMJ - believed to be a reference to Full Metal Jacket crossbow arrows made by a USA firm, Easton Hunting.

On arrival on Friday evening they simply wished other guests a "good evening", then went upstairs to their second-floor room with bottles of water and Coca-Cola, said the guest, quoted by Merkur.

Three bodies found impaled with crossbow bolts at 'quiet' German hotel