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Sudanese security forces kill six in clashes with protesters

14 May 2019

At least four demonstrators and one army major have been killed in Sudan's capital, Khartoum, hours after protest leaders and the ruling generals reached a deal on transitional authorities to run the country following the overthrow of Omar al-Bashir in April.

The Alliance for Freedom and Change - the protest movement umbrella group that has been negotiating with the military council - said the shootings were an attempt to "disturb the breakthrough" and blamed militias still loyal to the former regime.

Ninety people were killed in protest-related violence after demonstrations initially erupted in December, the doctors' committee said last month.

Also on agenda is the duration of the transition, with the military calling for a two-year timeframe while the protesters want four years to allow time for the array of preparatory reforms they say are necessary.

On April 17, the military council had announced that it had detained two of Bashir's five brothers - Abdallah Hassan al-Bashir and Al-Abbas Hassan al-Bashir.

"We discussed the structure of the transitional authority and agreed on it completely, and we also agreed on the system of governance in the transitional period", said Lieutenant General Shams al-Din Kabashi, spokesman of the transitional military council. There has been no comment from Bashir, who is in prison in Khartoum.

But on Tuesday, following the previous night's violence at the Khartoum sit-in, protesters vented their anger on the streets of capital's twin city Omdurman.

On Monday evening armed persons attacked protesters near the headquarters of Sudan's armed forces in Khartoum and opened fire at them.

As protest leaders encouraged people to remain at the sit-in, and searches at the entrance were redoubled, crowds chanted: "Prepare your coffin".

The official death toll is 65.

For a second day on Monday demonstrators blocked Nile Street, a major avenue running south of the Blue Nile, placing burning branches and stones across the road, as well as several other streets north and south of the river.

Burhan pointed to the peaceful character of the Sudanese revolution, adding: "The army is committed to protecting the protesters and we will arrest the perpetrators and we will hold them accountable".

Earlier, paramilitary forces patrolled the streets, using tear gas and gunshots to disrupt protests blocking roads.

Following a deadlock in negotiations, the protest alliance on Saturday said the army generals had invited the movement for a new round of talks.

Earlier this month, the transitional military council and opposition groups had been unable to come to an agreement, causing much discontent among protesters.

Sudanese security forces kill six in clashes with protesters