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SNL Mocks Senate Republicans for Not Being Anti-Trump in Cold Open

14 May 2019

Mooney's Todd even mentions something that Trump actually did do - namely, give out Graham's private cell phone number during the 2016 election and ultimately forcing Graham to get rid of his phone - just to see if McKinnon's Graham actually remembered it.

When Mooney's Todd asked the loyalty question and put forth increasingly weird hypothetical scenarios that could reasonably weaken their support, the trio of characters took long detours that, predictably, ended with them continuing to pledge fielty to the blustery business mogul.

Mooney as Todd first questions the GOP panel for their thoughts on Trump's escalating trade war with China.

"I am a man of convictions and principals", McKinnon's Graham said, "unless he can help me, and then it's 'New Lindsey, who dis?'"

Since these senators have all opposed tariffs in the past, the question was whether they supported Trump's tariff now.

Said McKinnon's Graham: "The best way to uphold the law is to be above it, Chuck".

Todd mentions that new tariffs to China introduced by Trump will end up costing the USA over $1 billion.

More nope. "I'd have to send a strongly worded email and send it straight to my drafts folder", replied Strong's Collins.

They only objected at the idea of Trump dumping the First Lady for AOC - with them all protesting defiantly, with the pretend Graham repeatedly slapping the table in protest.

The SNL cold open was meant to satirize the Republican senators who support Trump even though they've disagreed in the past with his policy positions. Married Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

'Let's say Trump open hand slaps you in the face.

"Chuck, listen, when you have a president who is a financial genius and a business Jesus, like Donald Trump, you just gotta trust him", McKinnon's Graham responded. When Colin Jost later asked Pete Davidson what he had gotten his mom for Mother's Day, the comedian quipped, "What do you mean, I put her on TV!"

Replied Strong's Collins: "Well I would show up to the wedding but not before I mumbled a strong rebuke quietly in to my Lean Cuisine?"

Todd asked if the three would mild make stronger the president if he modified into out to be Muslim.

"And they had matching diapers fashioned out of the original constitution", Collins chimed in.

SNL's McConnell then admitted they were kidding no one. "We'll always be ride or die, bitches".

SNL Mocks Senate Republicans for Not Being Anti-Trump in Cold Open