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Lenovo reveals the world’s first foldable PC

14 May 2019

Emphasising its versatility, Lenovo says their prototype is the "world's first foldable PC", and is geared toward "highly mobile, tech-savvy professionals".

Lenovo's foldable ThinkPad X1 is powered by an Intel processor and uses a Windows operating system, although the company did not state which processor model or operating system version is used by the device.

Lenovo says this is not a phone, tablet or a hybrid, but a full-fledged notebook with a foldable screen.

Hopefully Lenovo will flawless the prototype in time for its 2020 launch - and offer us a more successful foldable device than Samsung managed. The 13-inch and 14-inch full-HD display variants sport a premium feel, can lay flat at 180 degrees, and feature ultra-narrow bezels.

Looking at a couple of hands-on videos online, the device is still a prototype and you'll notice a crease in the middle of the display just like the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Combining the corporate bonafides of ThinkPads with the design flair of a certain other computer maker's popular laptops, the ThinkBook lineup is explicitly designed for younger workers who need business essentials but crave them in an aesthetically pleasing package that doesn't scream "cubicle occupant". You can pop a touchscreen keyboard up on the bottom of the screen and use it as a laptop, which will probably be bad for any extended period of time. Part of Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 range, the device doesn't yet have a name and doesn't fit neatly into any category. Because the device folds inwards, you theoretically don't have to worry about the display getting scuffed in your bag.

"We all want access to a large comfortable screen even on the go, but travel can make this inconvenient or impossible", the company stated. That opens up more possibilities for software to better take advantage of the foldable PC's unique form-factor.

The age of the foldable device is upon us!

Lenovo's never been shy to try new form factors and its foldable Windows PC is definitely eye-catching and refreshing, but is it really solving a problem? Much like 2-in-1 laptops on the market today, but with the device made from a single screen.

Lenovo intends to launch this foldable PC in 2020.

Lenovo reveals the world’s first foldable PC