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Wikileaks source Chelsea Manning freed from jail on contempt charge - for now

13 May 2019

Manning may, however, face jail again as she has been issued with a new subpoena to appear before another grand jury on May 16. She had been held there since early March in an attempt to compel her testimony to a grand jury about Manning's 2010 release to Wikileaks of a huge cache of government documents.

The judge said she would be held until she chose to testify or until the grand jury concluded its work.

"Chelsea will continue to refuse to answer question, and will use every available legal defense to prove to District Judge Trenga that she had just cause for her refusal to give testimony".

Former Army intelligence officer Chelsea Manning has been released from the Alexandria, Virginia, jail, where she was held after refusing to testify in the grand jury investigation of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, her lawyers said. However, Manning must now appear before a new grand jury on May 16.

Sentenced in 2013 to 35 years in prison, she was released in May 2017 after the commutation of her sentence by president Barack Obama.

But in April, federal prosecutors in the United States unsealed a computer hacking indictment against Assange for his role Manning's disclosure of classified documents, which the government called "one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the United States". But her freedom might not last for long.

She was released because that grand jury has expired. Assange plans to fight the us extradition request.

"Chelsea will continue to refuse to answer questions".

Assange, now jailed in London after seven years in asylum at Ecuador's British embassy, is accused of conspiring to help Manning break a password that would allow anonymous access to a Defense Department computer.

But her legal troubles were not over according to a press release from Manning's lawyers, released by Sparrow Media, a non-profit newswire.

If a judge were to determine that incarcerating Ms Manning were punitive rather than coercive, she would not be jailed.

"At this point, given the sacrifices she has already made, her strong principles, her strong and growing support community, and the disgrace attendant to her capitulation, it is inconceivable that Chelsea Manning will ever change her mind about her refusal to cooperate with the grand jury", her lawyers wrote.

Manning's sentence was the longest given to any leak in United States history. Representatives for Manning had previously said she was kept in her cell for 22 hours a day, arguing that such solitary confinement threatened her health and amounted to "torture".

Wikileaks source Chelsea Manning freed from jail on contempt charge - for now