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Kidnap claim unravels: Baby thrown down hill, mom charged

13 May 2019

A North Carolina mother has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly throwing her 7-week old daughter down a 75 ft ravine.

"By the grace of God we are standing here with a child that's been discovered and is alive", Henderson County Sheriff Lowell Griffin said.

"When the child was discovered, the child was out of the auto seat, however, the indications lead us to believe the child went over the bank in the vehicle seat and after it hit the ground, subsequently, it rolled out of the auto seat", The Daily Beast reports. The infant had apparently been tossed into a ravine that officials believe had a 50 to 75-foot drop.

The baby, whose first name is Shaylie, was taken to a hospital and is reportedly in "very good condition", according to Henderson County Sheriff Lowell Griffin.

Police dogs found no trace of anyone else in the area except for Madden, Henderson police said at the press conference. "We first didn't know if it was a crow or what, but then my daughter saw it", Scott Fowler told WHNS.

"And my wife said 'Scott, there's a baby crying down there", Fowler told the news station.

The infant's mother, 35-year-old Krista Madden, was charged with first-degree attempted murder, WYFF reports. The woman's husband found the child in a auto seat "over the bank", officials say. The child, a girl named Shaylie, was reported missing after she was reported kidnapped by a man with red hair and a woman with black hair who were both wearing ski masks.

Madden is being held on $750,000 bond.

Authorities started looking for Shaylie when Asheville police received a 911 call around 4:30 p.m. Thursday about a possible kidnapping of the baby and Krista Madden from their home in Asheville.

"There's no people down here", the woman said.

"We don't believe that to be factual at all", Griffin said. He said it's likely Madden acted alone.

"This was, simply, in my opinion, by the grace of a merciful God, that we had a female that goes to check her mailbox". She summons her husband, who is a self-employed grading contractor.

Kidnap claim unravels: Baby thrown down hill, mom charged