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Samsung to announce new Galaxy Fold launch date in a few days

12 May 2019

The units given to worldwide tech reviewers encountered display distortion and screen flickering issues, forcing the South Korean giant to postpone its launch in Hong Kong and Shanghai on April 23 and 24 respectively, and issue a recall of review units. The Galaxy Fold has a plastic screen, but a supplier used by both Apple and Samsung, is already that could be ready in the next few years.

Samsung pitched a "revolutionary display" as part of the Galaxy Fold, the folding smartphone "made from bonded layers of innovative polymer material".

Things are finally looking up for the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The other and arguably more serious flaw involved top and bottom gaps between this protective layer and screen bezels where the device was supposed to fold, easily attracting debris that could impact the functionality of the main display.

When asked if the phone will be launched within the month, Koh said "We will not be too late".

The Seoul-based company initially told those who had pre-ordered a Samsung Galaxy Fold that they would not be charged until the device shipped. USA regulations require Samsung to ship the pre-ordered foldable handsets by the 31st of May or it may be forced to refund United States pre-orders the $1980 for the handset. "If you do not want your order automatically cancelled on May 31st you may request that we keep your order and fulfil it later". But the company cancelled the launch after screen problems with review models sent out to tech reporters.

Samsung hasn't announced anything regarding extended major Android OS support for the Galaxy Fold as yet.

Breakages notwithstanding, early reviews of the device noted that its execution did not live up to its potential. Whether that final decision means a launch or a cancellation is uncertain; what's known at the moment is that Samsung is working hard to bring the device to the market.

The company plans to improve the hinge's durability, especially its exposed areas, the report adds.

Samsung to announce new Galaxy Fold launch date in a few days