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Intel to ship 10nm mobile CPUs in June, 7nm chips in 2021

12 May 2019

In the coming months Intel will launch two Xeon processors that will belong to the same platform: Cooper Lake CPUs made using Intel's 14 nm manufacturing technology, and Ice Lake chips produced using Intel's 10 nm node. AMD has already announced its 7nm based processors. Intel 10nm will become mainstream in 2020 with additional CPUs for client and server, Ai processors, SoCs and GPU components all shifting to the process. "On the heels of Intel's first discrete GPU coming in 2020, the 7nm general objective GPU is expected to launch in 2021", Intel chief engineering officer Dr. Mrthy Renduchintala said.

The same roadmap suggested that the company's 10nm process node, with which it has been struggling for quite some time, will last for a mere three years through to 2021 at which point the company will launch a 7nm node based on extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography.

Building on a model proven with 14nm that included optimizations in 14+ nm and 14++ nm, Intel will drive sustained process advancement between nodes and within a node, continuing to lead the scaling of process technology according to Moore's Law, the company noted.

During the investor meeting, Intel told the assembled that their "Ice Lake" 10-nanometer processors will be soon shipping, starting in June. It is expected to deliver approximately 3 times faster wireless speeds, 2 times faster video transcode speeds, 2 times faster graphics performance, and 2.5 to 3 times faster artificial intelligence (AI) performance over previous generation products1. Having acquired or developed loads of different IP in the recent years, Intel pins a lot of hopes on its diversified product portfolio that will complement next-gen Xeons.

Renduchintala reminded investor day attendees that, while process leadership is fundamentally important, Intel sees the bigger picture and has strode forward with advancing "architecture, memory, interconnect, security and software". The first discrete Intel GPU will come in 2020, so it must be a 10nm part. As previously announced, Intel expects the first Ice Lake-based devices to be available to consumers in time for the 2019 holiday season. It envisions a 20% bump in performance per watt and a complementing 4 times reduction in design complexity. By then, Intel expects to have squeezed out at least three generation of 10nm products as it refines the node over time (10nm+ and 10nm++).

The event is still ongoing, and Swan indicated the company will share many more details about its 7nm process during the event.

Intel to ship 10nm mobile CPUs in June, 7nm chips in 2021