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Dyson patents hint at design of its electric crossover

12 May 2019

Sir James Dyson said plans were on track for a launch in 2021 for a vehicle "entirely designed by Dyson, manufactured by Dyson, and sold by Dyson". Now we have an idea of what form Dyson's first EV will take. In other words, a Tesla Model X rival.

In an email sent to all his employers, founder James Dyson said that the electric auto is being kept secret until it is ready to be launched, and that the design "shows an androgynous vehicle and provides a glimpse of some of the inventive steps that we are considering".

The car's very large and narrow wheels could allow increased range and efficiency, according to Dyson, essential for battery-powered vehicles. The side profile shows a three-row vehicle that has lower-slung crossover proportions - or a slightly more rakish Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan without the sliding doors.

The cars are now expected to launch in 2021, a year behind the original date.

THE FIRST details of Dyson's first electric auto have emerged, as the vacuum cleaner-maker looks to take on the likes of Tesla.

Advances have been made in the aerodynamics, efficiency and vehicle architecture of the auto, he added.

The entrepreneur said the new electric vehicle will be "entirely designed, manufactured and sold" by the company.

The firm, most famous for its vacuum and hairdryers, announced it was working on an electric vehicle in September 2017, details of which have been scarce besides confirmation late previous year it will be manufactured in Singapore ahead of its 2021 launch.

In an email sent to more than 500 staff working on the vehicle, Dyson stressed the need to keep the details of his new product secret.

He said that competitors had missed opportunities by adapting electric vehicles from existing formats, but Dyson's was "a vehicle which has been developed from the bottom up".

Dyson patents hint at design of its electric crossover