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Google Play budget tries to control your spending habits

19 April 2019

Right now, Android software updates are a cluttered affair.

Beginning with this update, and possibly with the stable release of Android Q later in the summer, Android system updates could also make their way to the Google Play Store.

The company last month said it would let Android users choose their browser and search engine but did not provide details. Till now, Google has allowed app downloads in a row and only when one app is downloaded, it starts downloading the next one. This is the first run through Google is by all accounts wanting to change that conduct. Google seems to want to help users limit themselves to a monthly spend on in-app purchases and is adding a budget tracking feature to Google Play according to a report from 9to5Google.

Of course, it isn't really in Google's best interest to outright stop you from buying something from the Google Play Store, so this budgeting feature doesn't actually prevent you from purchasing content even if that purchase would set you over your budget.

To review, all Android smartphones have generally housed the system update work in the Settings application.

Following an Android update, users will be shown two new screens giving them the new options, Google product management director Paul Gennai. You can also only set a budget in the currency of the country listed in your Google Play profile, but you can change your country by going back into the menu, tapping "Account" again, and then going into "Country and Profiles".

Recently Google has been introducing several new features and changes in the Google Play Store. For the past few years, Android has required developers to state why they need each permission that their apps request. The blog notes, "As of early April, you will be able to upload new icons to the Google Play Console and confirm you are compliant with the new specification".

It's nice to see that Google is finally addressing complaints from developers, but only time will tell if the new policies end up making a difference.

Google Play budget tries to control your spending habits