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A cheap iPhone is again rumoured using iPhone 8 tech

19 April 2019

As MacRumors reports, a report coming out of China suggests Apple is set to revise the internals of the iPhone 8 for re-release next year. It's unlikely that Apple will use TouchID on the rumoured smaller iPhone as it has replaced the technology with FaceID on newer iPhones. Despite small phones being out of fashion, the iPhone SE has continued to do well and sells out within seconds of going up for sale on Apple's clearance store. The Cupertino tech giant is also planning to make 20 million units as part of initial production which are said to be manufactured by Pegtron. By refreshing the iPhone 8, Apple would be in a position where it could still sell phones featuring a classic design to customers who are interested in compact iPhone designs featuring fingerprint sensors instead of Face ID.

What's unknown for now is if Apple will revise the iPhone 8 design to remove the bezels around the display.

The screen size on the other hand, reduces the truth of the speculation that the iPhone 8 is the next iPhone SE. According to the report, the "iPhone XE" would have a single 12MP rear camera and an A12 Bionic chip, faster than any current Android chipset. About a year ago, Apple had also been the news for highly speculated iPhone SE 2, which was supposed to be the successor of its compact iPhone SE device. Of course, all these can only be true if the reports received are genuine. But the device will have the same hardware as the upcoming 2019 iPhone flagships, including an A13 processor.

It will have 128GB of storage and will probably pair up with Touch ID, as we are talking about an iPhone 8 revision with updated capabilities. He further said that the iPhone 8 will come as the priced one, the iPhone XS series will lead while the iPhone SE supports for consumers with lower budget.

A cheap iPhone is again rumoured using iPhone 8 tech