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Trump spends America's tax filing day in Minnesota

16 April 2019

Americans disappointed with their tax returns this year ー the first since the Republican tax cuts went into effect ー would be justified in blaming politicians in Washington for concocting a confusing system, an economist from the conservative Tax Foundation said.

The state's Democrats saw a huge overall resurgence during the anti-Trump backlash of 2018, notably in traditionally Republican suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Democratic critics say most of the savings is going to wealthier Americans and corporations, and many corporations are using it to buy back stock rather than expand and create jobs.

CNN's chief business correspondent Christine Romans kicked off Tax Day 2019 by explaining the effects of President Donald Trump's tax cuts - and it looks like most Americans are benefitting.

"It's clear that the people who really understand the financial standing of small businesses know that the tax cuts are working", said JCN President and CEO, Alfredo Ortiz. A $1.5 trillion tax cut ranks 12th as a share of the total economy, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

So far Trump doesn't appear to be getting much credit for the tax changes.

This year's Tax Freedom Day was to fall on April 16 - 105 days into the year.

Trump bucked decades of presidential tradition by declining to show voters his tax filings, both as a candidate and as president.

A Trump opponent welcomed the president to Burnsville with a sign that said: "Demand Trump's Tax Returns and a List of his Creditors".

The president's personal lawyers sent a new letter to Treasury Department on Monday to make the case that the IRS should not hand over the president's tax return information, saying the request is unconstitutional. It's a state he narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016. And the President celebrated the resurgent iron ore industry in northern Minnesota, recalling a crying worker who thanked him.

Trump spends America's tax filing day in Minnesota