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Highlights from The Mandalorian at Star Wars Celebration

15 April 2019

Lucasfilm revealed the new Star Wars: The Clone Wars trailer today at the show's Star Wars Celebration panel!

The Mandalorian's creator and executive producer Jon Favreau took the stage at Star Wars Celebration alongside his co-executive producer, and the premiere's director, Dave Filoni. "Some might say he has questionable moral character, which is in line with some of our best Westerns and some good samurai (films)".

"Fantasy fulfillment, that's what it's like", reportedly said Pedro Pascal, who will play the titular native of Mandalore, home to infamous father-son bounty hunters Boba and Jango Fett.

Created by acclaimed filmmaker Jon Favreau (Iron Man, The Jungle Book), The Mandalorian is the flagship Star Wars show that will be launching with the Disney+ streaming service in November.

It was revealed that Carano's character was named Kara Dune (spelling?) and she's an ex-Rebels shocktrooper who is a bit of loner who is trying to reintegrate into society. Old-fashioned models similar to those used in the making of the original Star Wars trilogy were used bringing a bit of old-school technology into the mix.

The Mandalorian is a new stand-alone web series from the Star Wars franchise.

The series is set between "A New Hope" and "The Force Awakens", sometime after the fall of the Empire and before the rise of the First Order.

"The Mandalorian is a mysterious lone gunfighter on the outer reaches of the galaxy", Pascal added, according to Deadline.

Favreau: Mandalorians were my favorite characters.

Weathers takes the role of Greif Marda, head of a bounty hunter guild and the man who dishes out jobs to the central character. While attending Star Wars Celebration this weekend, Matt Lanter took to Twitter to show fans a picture of himself with Hayden Christensen, along with a hilarious caption that Star Wars fans are sure to love. She said filming sometimes ran for 17 hours a day, but knew it was worth it because it was Star Wars. Pascal said the lead has a lot of Clint Eastwood in him. Favreau also says the show will not only satisfy longtime fans but introduce a new generation to the galaxy far, far away. As part of the panel, a three-and-a-half minute behind-the-scenes reel aired exclusively to convention attendees.

Highlights from The Mandalorian at Star Wars Celebration