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Walmart Responds to Bezos with Tweet Asking Amazon to Pay Taxes

14 April 2019

Only 35,000 Fire phones were sold in total according to The Guardian whereas Amazon has sold over 100m Echo Alexa-enabled devices with over 150 third-party products available. Bezos said raised its minimum wage in 2018 to $15 an hour, because he believes it will help the business but also because "it seemed like the right thing to do".

"Third-party sales have grown from $0.1 billion to $160 billion - a compound annual growth rate of 52%".

eBay CEO Devin Wenig responded on Twitter. "To provide an external benchmark, eBay's gross merchandise sales in that period have grown at a compound rate of 20%, from $2.8 billion to $95 billion", said Bezos.

Walmart has more than 1.5 million workers in the U.S. compared with just 350,000 at Amazon, so boosting wages would have more of an impact on the bottom line.

"While I appreciate the ink dedicated to from the ceo of the company not focused on competition, think I "ll dedicate my letter to customers, goal and strategy". In a tweet, Dan Barlett, Walmart's executive vice president of corporate affairs, wrote, "Hey retail competitors out there (you know who you are) how about paying your taxes?" "We don't bundle endless services to create barriers to competition", Wenig tweeted as eBay's stock fell by 5 per cent on Thursday.

In a quiet, yet firm reply, Dan Bartlett, Walmart's executive vice president of corporate affairs took to Twitter and shared an article that said Amazon paid no federal taxes past year despite making a humungous $11 billion plus in profits. Inc Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos on Thursday challenged rival retailers to increase their minimum wages to $16 an hour.

In an annual letter to shareholders, Bezos said Amazon wants to hire hire employees "who can think like owners". Amazon also upskilled 50,000 USA employees to help employees move up in the company. "Developers doubled the number of Alexa skills to over 80,000, and customers spoke to Alexa tens of billions more times in 2018 compared to 2017".

Walmart Responds to Bezos with Tweet Asking Amazon to Pay Taxes