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Three killed in aircraft runway accident near Everest

14 April 2019

The incident occurred as the plane - a Twin Otter belonging to Summit Air - with registration 9N-AMH skidded off the runway while preparing to take off and hit helicopters parked 30-50 metres from the runway, the Kathmandu Post reported.

Three people have died, and four others have been left injured after two planes crashed into each other near Mt Everest. The injured have been sent to Kathmandu for treatment.

An airport official spoke to Straits Times, saying: "The plane slipped towards the helipad during take-off and collided with two helicopters". Among the dead were the pilot of the plane and two police officers who were near the parked helicopter.

The co-pilot of the plane and a police official stationed at the airport for security were killed on the spot, while another policeman died in hospital, succumbing to a serious injury.

Summit Air's pilot Captain RB Rokaya and flight attendant R Lama are safe.

A hospital official loads a body of a plane crash victim into an ambulance outside the Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal, Sunday, April 14, 2019.

Both are private airline companies that cater to tourists and Nepalese in the country's remote areas.

The accident happened at Lukla airport which is the main gateway to the Everest region and is reputed to be one of the most hard in the world for landings and take-offs. It sits at an elevation of 9,334 feet (2,845 meters).

Three killed in aircraft runway accident near Everest