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MacOS update likely splitting up iTunes

14 April 2019

The report says the likely launch of individual iTunes app will be the next major macOS build, version 10.15. 9to5Mac today confirmed the rumor, sharing further details about Apple's plans. Music, TV, Podcasts, and "perhaps" Books apps will be in the mix, and the Apple services machine will be kicked into full gear before school is out. In addition to the standalone Music, TV, and Podcast apps, there will be a significant redesign of the Books app. Apple isn't completely getting rid of iTunes, however, and it will stick around for some more time as the new Apple Music app won't have syncing capabilities for Apple devices.

Apple's been using the iTunes brand as a cover-all for lots of different sorts of media for the past near-20-years. If the chatter is true, then macOS will be gaining Music, Podcasts, and maybe even Books apps, alongside the new TV app, in place of the all-encompassing iTunes program.

My biggest issue with the iTunes store though is needing to use Apple's annoying iTunes software that seems to serve little goal other than try and force me to use it and get me to sync with other Apple devices I don't own.

The Cupertino-based company is rolling out newly designed web pages for all shows available via Apple Podcasts. And since there are still so many issues pegging iTunes like general performance problems and security concerns, it makes sense to finally retire it.

The new applications will be examples of Apple's Marzipan project, which aims to produce software with a core codebase that can be run on Apple Mac computers running MacOS and iPads and iPhones running iOS. Have you tried them on your Mac?

MacOS update likely splitting up iTunes