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Facebook's chat feature could be returning to the mobile app

14 April 2019

According to Wong, the upcoming messages section will be limited to simple text conversations while more advanced features like calls and file sharing will still require the Messenger app.

Researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who is well known for reverse-engineering popular social media apps, posted screenshots to Twitter on Friday of Facebook's app with a Messenger icon in the top right-hand corner, which taps through into the Messenger inbox. "The primary goal of the Facebook app is News Feed". Since that time, Facebook acquired WhatsApp and is now preparing to integrate chat and messaging functions across the two services, as well as with Instagram. Facebook is yet to confirm the move, but it certainly looks like it is already making preparations.

In any case, the Times report hints that integrating all three messenger services is a big priority for Facebook in 2019, as Zuckerberg is reportedly pushing for the unification to be done by the end of this year or early 2020. Messenger is in second place with 1.3 billion+ users.

For now, there is no timeframe for the merger so well have to wait for Facebooks comments but either way, dont expect the standalone WhatsApp and Messenger apps to go anywhere soon.

What do you think about the possibility of Facebook adopting some of the features found on the Messenger app?

Would you be happy to see Messenger brought back to the main Facebook app?

It's possible that rolling chat back into the main Facebook app is part of this effort, though it isn't clear if or when it will roll out to the general public. You won't be able to send GIFs, make calls, add reactions or send and receive money.

Facebook's chat feature could be returning to the mobile app