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NY mandates vaccinations to contain measles

12 April 2019

"Vaccines are safe and effective - and they work."
"They've had an ongoing outbreak for months. And it was", Radhakrishnan said, referring to the development and widespread use of vaccines. This is a disease that killed 110,000 people worldwide in 2017, and is the leading cause of vaccine-preventable death in the world.

Anyone who has not been vaccinated in Westchester may call the health department for a free injection - 914-995-5800 for an appointment. Without protection from the vaccine, nine out of ten people who come in close contact with someone who is infected will get the disease, the DOH said.

Dr. Puthenmadam Radhakrishnan is a pediatrician in Ewing. "I think it will help in getting the community covered", he said. Citizens have been ordered to get vaccinated against Measles with immediate effect, and the failure to follow the orders will result in a $1000 fine. And that puts anyone with a compromised immune system in danger-including newborn babies who are too young to be vaccinated, pregnant women, and people with cancer or on immunosuppressive therapies because of transplants.

A growing number of vaccine exemptions are being filed at school districts across the state, with the majority of exempting parents in Utah claiming personal reasons over religious or medical reasons. He said that most things that happen in Jewish communities get blown out of proportion, "If it [the outbreak] was true, there would be signs outside every synagogue telling people not to go in, and there aren't".

Governor of Washington Jay Inslee also declared a state of emergency in January, urging immunization and citing the measles outbreak as "an extreme public health risk", according to a CNN article. And so they're subjecting their children to a painful illness with high fevers and rash that has already hospitalized 10 percent of those who've contracted it in NY, including five who were serious enough to need intensive care.

In response, Sinai Hospital is asking visitors under age 14 to avoid its northwest Baltimore campus unless they have an appointment, the Baltimore Sun recently reported.

Indeed, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was quick to declare the city's action "legally questionable" and "a serious First Amendment issue" - though his failure to suggest any practical alternative suggests this was mostly his usual automatic dumping-on-de Blasio.

"For instance, if a parent has three children and one of them gets the measles, exposing the other two, the fine would be $3,000". While the Big Apple's solution might not make sense for New Jersey, Weinstein said it has sparked a robust conversation about "what we can do here to move the ball in the right direction". The city had little choice.

NY mandates vaccinations to contain measles