Thursday, 20 June 2019
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Opera for Android 51 Now Available with Built-in Free VPN

22 March 2019

Opera used to offer a popular free VPN on Android, but it retired the service past year. Opera says that users still running this version can switch to Opera for Android, but no further updates are otherwise planned.

Using a VPN is advised when you are accessing public Wi-Fi networks at airports or coffee shops.

Using Opera's built-in VPN can also protect you from third parties stealing your data. Today's update integrates this functionality directly into Opera's primary mobile browser. With the VPN service now integrated on its mobile browser, a dedicated app seems redundant. Opera bringing back this VPN service to mobile version is surely praiseworthy especially with the ongoing users' privacy issues globally.

If you do not know what a VPN is, it is a service that creates a private connection to a remote server from which you can surf the Internet. "With Opera they can now enjoy a free and no-log service that enhances online privacy and improves security", said Peter Wallman, SVP Opera Browser for Android. In addition to hiding a user's location and making it harder to track their online behaviour, the Opera VPN will also offer a no-log service.

Web browser Opera prides itself on blocking "intrusive ads and privacy cookie dialogs" and keeping "you up to date with the latest personalised news".

The VPN service is free to use and you do not require any additional apps for the service to work. Once it's live in your area, you can enable Opera's VPN by tapping the browser settings, tapping VPN and turning on the feature according to your preference. The encryption hides your physical location, and because you don't have to log in, the VPN server doesn't retain any activity data. Additionally, one can choose to automatically activate the VPN only when a private tab is opened.

Opera for Android 51 Now Available with Built-in Free VPN