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Anyone Not Named Duke Worth Betting On — March Madness

22 March 2019

Everyone will fill out a bracket or two (or 10), but will someone finally predict a ideal bracket this year? At 15-17, I doubt the NIT was going to invite Missouri. He will become the first Division I player to average 20 points and 10 assists and become the first Division I player in 20 years to tally 40 points, 11 assists and five steals in a regulation game. I think Duke is playing too well right now to falter, especially in a big game, which all of these tournament games are.

So who do the zoo denizens think will win the Big Dance? We can thank the Jackrabbits of South Dakota State for losing in the first round of the Summit League Tournament.

Strangely enough, President Obama has the Blue Devils defeating the Tar Heels in the National Championship. That would be absolutely insane. I'm looking forward to finally seeing Ja Morant of Murray State play. With freshman guard Coby White coming into his own as a floor general, UNC is now risky enough in the half court to win close games in the later rounds. I'm no Jay Bilas or Joe Lunardi, but I've had a decent amount of success filling out my bracket in past years. Now, Zion Williamson and co. are a villain insofar as the uniforms they wear, but there's a likability that this team possesses that is not normal for a Blue Devils squad. As for the Cavaliers, Virginia lost to Duke twice but did beat North Carolina.

With all that being said, my favorites to win the tournament are Duke (No. 1 - East), North Carolina (No. 1 - Midwest), Virginia (No.1 - South) and Michigan (No. 2 - West). Imagine the crowd and ratings that would churn out. Izzo has taken seven Michigan State teams to the Final Four and often does it without much star power.

Saint Mary's has to be taken seriously after cruising past Gonzaga to win the conference tournament.

Obama selected the UConn Huskies to regain their spot atop the college basketball world in the NCAA women's tournament
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Picking a bunch of long shots is usually not the way to go when predicting the Final Four. It happens every year, and the second after it does, you think to yourself: "Wow, I could have seen that". I know they haven't won it before but as the one-and-done trend continues their chance is coming, I promise, and I think it will be this year. Well, it's because you were scared. The Bulldogs are well coached and have the talent to make a deep run.

No. 12 seed Liberty could take down No. 5 seed Mississippi State, and I think No. 12 seed OR will take down No. 5 seed Wisconsin. Admittedly, they're all very strong teams with a lot going for them.

Virginia, North Carolina, and Gonzaga all had respectable seasons.

Michigan State will be led by junior point guard Cassius Winston in the backcourt. MSU faces Liberty in round one and most likely fourth seeded Virgiina Tech in round two. If the Vols can make the proper adjustments, they will easily advance to the Sweet 16 but that's where it starts getting really tough.

There is a bit of a change in Barack's bracket this time around. So many good teams, so many good matchups, all battling for a chance to cut down the nets in Minneapolis. You won't regret it. Make sure you watch this tournament.

Anyone Not Named Duke Worth Betting On — March Madness