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Mobile is starting to test its own 50 Mbps home internet service

21 March 2019

"New T-Mobile's business plan is to have 9.5 million customers for our in-home broadband service by 2024, ' Legere said". T-Mo is sending invitations to a "limited group" of customers that it says are in "rural and underserved markets". "Thanks to lower prices and more competition, one economist estimates that the New T-Mobile will save customers up to $13.65 billion a year on home broadband by 2024".

T-Mobile is doing everything in its power to ensure that its merger with Sprint passes muster with the US government.

According to a release, 50,000 homes will be connected this year.

The company said it will offer speeds of around 50 Mbps by fixed unlimited wireless service over LTE with no data caps for $50 per month. To set it up, T-Mobile says that setup is simple and should require you, an app, and a few minutes of your time. If you're selected, T-Mobile will reach out via email or snail mail.

Earlier this month, Legere announced in a blog post that T-Mobile would be entering the home broadband market with 5G fixed wireless to deliver competitive service to rural and underserved markets in the U.S. He said that 28.9% of U.S. households and 61.1% of rural households have either no in-home broadband service or only have the option of one provider for in-home broadband service, citing FCC data.

The home service will cost $50 per month with AutoPay or $55 without.

According to John Legere - T-Mobile's exuberant and often hyperbolic CEO, who made the announcement earlier today - 28.9% of USA households and 61.1% of "rural" households have access to one or fewer broadband providers. As the company announced on its official website, it will soon begin laying a foundation for "home broadband" ahead of its merger with Sprint. T-Mobile said there will be "no annual service contracts, no hidden fees and no equipment costs;" sales tax and regulatory fees are "included in [the] monthly service price for qualifying accounts".

The merger will reduce customer choice in mobile broadband by lowering the number of nationwide wireless carriers from four to three.

Mobile is starting to test its own 50 Mbps home internet service