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Brexit deal in chaos, May blindsided as speaker intervenes

19 March 2019

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay said that despite Bercow's ruling, the deal could be voted on again if "the circumstances have changed".

"This is my conclusion: if the government wishes to bring forward a new proposition that is neither the same, nor substantially the same as that disposed of by the house on the 12th of March, this would be entirely in order", Bercow said. "Not different in terms of wording, but different in terms of substance".

The government may also seek to circumvent Bercow's ruling.

"This is a moment of crisis for our country", Barclay said.

A senior European Union official said that technically the United Kingdom could submit such request for an extension as late as "one hour before midnight" on 29 March, and it can be approved after the European Union summit by the council of member states through a written procedure. It's unclear if European Union leaders will agree to a delay but signals out of Brussels indicate that an extension of several months or even years is likely.

To break the deadlock, the British parliament would need to make a decision on a potential second referendum, an election or a different Brexit, with perhaps the United Kingdom remaining in the customs union and the single market.

But all of that has now been put into question by Mr. Bercow.

Britain's leading paper The Sun also criticises Mr Bercow for the ruling, and says a third vote is "arguably in the public interest".

"What the government can not legitimately do is to resubmit to the House the same proposition or substantially the same proposition as that of last week which was rejected by 149 votes", he said.

Her goal was to win over Northern Ireland's small, power-brokering Democratic Unionist Party. Nor could Downing Street say anything about plans for a new Brexit vote or when it might be held. Breitbart London reported today on polling that found 44 per cent of United Kingdom respondents believed the government had set out to frustrate Brexit from day one, with just 27 per cent not believing that was the case. Many Brexiteers worry such a postponement could lead to Brexit never happening.

Talks between the government and the DUP have been aimed at reassuring the party that Britain couldn't be trapped in the backstop indefinitely.

He did not disclose how long a delay she would seek, but said she believed it should be as short as possible.

British Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, a leading Brexit campaigner, on January 23, 2019.

Last week's showpiece vote on scrapping the "no deal" was not legally binding however Article 50 is enshrined in United Kingdom law.

If the vote on the motion was won, it would prove it to be the will of the Commons and therefore suggest the deal might pass if put before MPs a third time.

But it said the EU must avoid damaging the legitimacy of the bloc's new European Parliament, which will convene for the first time on 2 July following 24-26 May elections across the bloc.

A Tory backbencher told the Sun: "If she tried to go ahead with a long extension, there will be vote strikes on all Government legislation". German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told reporters in Brussels.

Mr Trump noted that the fast approaching Brexit deadline, due next Friday, March 29th, was almost certainly to be cancelled to give the political class even more time than the nearly three years they have already had, and wrote with apparent regret that democracy in the United Kingdom was "all but dead".

Brexit deal in chaos, May blindsided as speaker intervenes