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Indians confirmed dead in New Zealand terror attack

17 March 2019

New Zealand and much of the world was stunned by the massacre of dozens of people who had gathered for Friday prayers inside the Al Noor and Linwood mosques in Christchurch, the largest city on New Zealand's South Island.

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern has said that gun laws will be reformed after the attacks, as legislation allowed the suspect the legally obtain a semi-automatic weapon.

Prime Minister Imran Khan extended "all our support to the families of Pakistani victims of the terrorist attack in Christchurch".

Responding to commentary about police response times to the attacks, Commissioner Bush said: "I can tell you that within six minutes of police being called. police staff were on the scene".

It has further been revealed that the shooter started following Neo-fascism ideology after his tour of Europe.

New Zealand has fewer restrictions on rifles or shotguns than many countries, while handguns are more tightly controlled.

She also says New Zealand will make "weekly compensation" available to victims' dependents on an ongoing basis.

The white supremacist who slaughtered 49 worshipers in two New Zealand mosques was armed to kill even more when police arrested him Friday, officials said.

Footage of the attack live streamed on Facebook showed the gunman entering the mosque and shooting randomly at people. The court appearance lasted only about a minute and he was led back out in handcuffs after being ordered to return to court again April 5.

Dozens of people laid flowers at cordons near both mosques in Christchurch, which is still rebuilding after an natural disaster in 2011 killed nearly 200 people.

The death toll in the New Zealand mosque shootings has risen to 50 after investigators found another body at one of the mosques, New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush said on Sunday.

Australia's Immigration Minister David Coleman said Saturday Yiannopoulos' visa had been revoked because of comments he made in the wake of the Christchurch attacks, which referred to Islam as "barbaric".

He succumbed to his wounds while under treatment following the attack and was identified as the individual who rushed at the right-wing terrorist attacking the mosque.

She said it did not provide details that could have been acted upon immediately.

At Christchurch's "Cardboard Cathedral" - built after the 2011 earthquakes that still scar this close-knit city - Dean Lawrence Kimberley held a service to stand "in solidarity with the Muslim community". "Prayers go to the victims and their families", he had tweeted.

The AR-15 was used at Port Arthur, as well as a number of high-profile mass shootings in the United States.

The 24/7 cell was to address the developing situation, provide information and updates on the well-being of Pakistani citizens living in New Zealand, the spokesperson had added.

Indians confirmed dead in New Zealand terror attack