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New York Giants ink veteran wide receiver Golden Tate

16 March 2019

They incurred a $16 million dead cap hit for 2019 by trading Odell Beckham only seven months after signing to a five-year, $90 million deal that includes $65 million guaranteed.

While the Patriots would seem like the more logical destination for a veteran wide receiver like Tate, the Steelers have kept themselves in play for the 30 year old.

Veteran wide receiver Golden Tate is not going very far, as he will stay in the division and join the Giants on a surprising deal worth $37.5 million over four years. Then again, if Tate just took the best financial offer, nobody should blame him.

Gettleman wanted Tate so much that he was willing to forfeit a fifth-round compensatory pick and handed Philadelphia a fourth-round compensatory pick just to bring him into the fold, a move that directly flies in the face of a proper rebuild.

Tate's production dropped dramatically past year after a midseason trade from the Lions to the Eagles, where he averaged just 9.2 yards per reception and 34.2 yards per game.

The void Beckham Jr. leaves behind is irreplaceable and it's likely going to impossible for the team to recover from giving up a franchise player like him. Sure, he's not as good as Tate right now, but he still has upside.

The Patriots certainly need an upgrade at wide receiver.

But no, the Giants are somehow trying to have their cake and eat it too, but will in all likelihood end up at the bottom of the standings come January, preparing to pick atop the NFL Draft once more. "I think they are going to draft a quarterback".

The New York Giants are seemingly not interested in winning anything in 2019.

New York Giants ink veteran wide receiver Golden Tate