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Labour leader Corbyn to ask UK PM about progress in Brexit talks

16 March 2019

Prime Minister Theresa May will attempt, for a third time, to see her deal through and she will be putting pressure on the Brexiteer wing of her party to back her deal and the signs are that some of these Members of Parliament (MPs) will back her deal, but that the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) may not, and that would be decisive.

Corbyn also called on the lawmakers to reject the new version of the deal during the vote that is scheduled to take place later in the day.

391 MPs voted against the deal with 242 MPs voting for it.

What isn't clear is how the prime minister actually intends to dig herself out of this awful political hole.

Wordsworth's dancing daffodils do look golden in Downing Street but inside Number 10, where Britain's embattled Prime Minister is holed up nursing a sore throat after non-stop negotiations with Brussels over her Brexit deal, the mood is anything but sunny.

He said: "'The unilateral statement is a weak Government trying to fool its own backbenchers because the European Union has not even signed up to it".

Tory MPs remain split over what should happen next to try and resolve the deadlock in Parliament.

MPs will vote on a government motion, which says the Commons "declines to approve leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement and a framework on the future relationship on 29 March". "That's why MPs must reject this deal today", the politician noted.

Her exchanges with Corbyn involved the Labour leader repeatedly urging the prime minister to outline a new plan for Brexit, and to consider backing the Labour proposal, under which the United Kingdom would stay in some form of customs union.

Corbyn added: "She needs now to show leadership".

"That's what the deal delivers, that's what I continue to work to deliver".

Some of her colleagues around the Cabinet table think it shows she has to tack to a closer deal with the EU. It wasn't as bad as the 230 vote defeat on January 16 - the biggest in British parliamentary history - but still pretty devastating.

The North West Cambridgeshire MP said: "Given no-deal Brexit is the Government's default position, will the Prime Minister kindly inform the House she will instruct the Chancellor to make available whatever funds are required to ensure the country is as best prepared as possible in the event we do leave on a no-deal basis". "So can the prime minister tell us, exactly what her plan is now?"

She will tell MPs whether she will vote for no deal or not when she opens Wednesday's debate.

He referenced the official People's Vote campaign, who have said they do not back the proposal tabled by Independent MP Sarah Wollaston.

Ahead of the no-deal Commons vote, the government announced that most imports into the United Kingdom would not attract a tariff in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Labour leader Corbyn to ask UK PM about progress in Brexit talks