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Aberdeen man living in New Zealand describes ‘horrific’ aftermath of Christchurch attack

16 March 2019

Reuters was unable to confirm the footage's authenticity and police urged people not to view or share it. Police said the alleged shooter was arrested in a vehicle, which was carrying improvised explosive devices, 36 minutes after they were first called. Regardless of whether terrorist attacks are perpetrated by white or Islamist extremists, their narratives must not be enabled through whataboutery.

"The street that I work on was covered in SWAT cars, they were flying past every minute, and loads of police cars going back and forth, so that must have been when they found out that there were attacks in at least two places, the first mosque and the second mosque". Armed police were deployed at several locations in all cities, unusual in a country that has had low levels of gun violence.

The firearms included two semi-automatic rifles, two shotguns and a lever-action weapon, she said, speaking to reporters in Wellington before heading to Christchurch.

People from all over Ottawa came out Friday to a vigil for the victims of the Christchurch mosque attacks.

New Zealand is generally considered to be a welcoming country for migrants and refugees.

Many of you will have seen that Air New Zealand has cancelled all turboprop flights out of Christchurch tonight and will review the situation in the morning.

There was a heavy police presence at the hospital where families of the wounded had gathered. The prime minister said 39 survivors remained in hospital on Saturday with 11 critically wounded.

She confirmed that the gunman and two suspected associates who were also arrested had not been on the radar of any intelligence agencies, even though he had published a manifesto online indicating plans for attacks on Muslims. Ardern said she had spoken to Trump, who had asked how he could help.

"The mere fact. that this individual had acquired a gun licence and acquired weapons of that range, then obviously I think people will be seeking change, and I'm committing to that", she said. New Zealand has in the past tried to tighten firearm laws, but a strong gun lobby and culture of hunting has stymied such efforts.

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel said graves were being dug as city officials worked closely with the community on the specific requirements of a large number of Muslim funerals.

Political across Asia and the Middle East voiced concern over the targeting of Muslims.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the events in Christchurch represented "an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence", and that numerous victims could be migrants or refugees.

For most St. Louisans, the terrorist attack in New Zealand may feel far away.

World leaders expressed condolences and condemnation Friday following the deadly attacks on mosques in New Zealand, while Muslim leaders said the mass shooting was evidence of a rising tide of violent Islamophobia.

To target Muslims as they were attending their place of worship is despicable.

"He had a big gun".

But Yasalar said there is no escaping the horrendous magnitude of the events in Christchurch. The staff member monitoring the accounts sent it to parliamentary services as soon as they saw it, who sent it to police, the spokesman said. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all said they had taken steps to remove copies of the videos.

Condemning the terror strike, Ardern had described it as a "terror attack" and said it "appears to have been well planned".

There were two attacks on Friday in Christchurch - one at the Masjid Al Noor Mosque next to Hagley Park, and one at the Linwood Masjid Mosque in the suburb of Linwood.

Shaik said the last he heard, his uncle was in surgery and his condition was critical. Unlike many other news organizations, we have not put up a paywall.

Aberdeen man living in New Zealand describes ‘horrific’ aftermath of Christchurch attack