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Huawei has a backup OS in case it loses access to Android

15 March 2019

In a recent interview to Die Welt Huawei executive Richard Yu said that the company has its own smartphone operating system ready and on standby for roll out.

"We have prepared our own operating system".

Huawei's smartphones use Google Android while its laptops run on Windows.

The question asked was, "Are you thinking about building your own operating system so that your smartphones are not Google-based and computers are not Microsoft-dependent?" Huawei makes its own SoC - the Huawei Kirin, and so is not much dependent on Qualcomm's 'Snapdragon SoC, but same cannot be said of the company's patronage of Google's products and services particularly Google Android OS. In April 2018, ZTE, also from China, was banned from receiving exports from U.S. suppliers including Qualcomm chips and Google Android OS for its phones, effectively shutting it down until the ban's lifting in July 2018.

Trade secret thefts, violations of economic sanctions, unethical business dealings with Iran through unofficial subsidiary are some of the charges that have been applied by the US governments against Huawei.

South China Morning Post quotes a Huawei spokesperson as confirming that this operating system does exist, only that the company doesn't believe it would ever use it. "We don't expect to use them, and to be honest, we don't want to use them".

Huawei is cautious of export bans.

Should Huawei face the same ban, it will at least be more prepared. Other nations will make their own. It doesn't, however, have laptop processors, relying mostly on US-made Intel chips. However, he did not specify whether Huawei has already developed an alternative operating system to Android, Windows, or both.

A Huawei exec has told German news site Die Welt that it has made a backup OS for PCs and smartphones in the event that its troubles with the United States government prevent it from using Windows and Android on their PCs and smartphones.

Huawei has a backup OS in case it loses access to Android