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Global climate strike begins, with students skipping school to protest

15 March 2019

At a press conference announcing the amicus brief, students from the climate lawsuits declared their intent to strike and echoed the sentiments of Villasenor, Thunberg and others: why go to school, when the jobs they're training for might not be around?

"We have an environment in New Zealand where politicians are accessible - and that's something we should feel proud of".

Shaw was attacked yesterday morning while walking to parliament and is believed to have suffered a fractured eye socket.

"It's one of those where politicians and the country unite in being shocked and angry that in this peaceful, handsome country, we've got this happening to anyone".

Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese stood on the sideline nodding in agreeance to the speeches as another student from Nelson College said there needed to be "carbon neutrality by 2050" and the world should be "preparing for climate change and building resilience now". The group says they will likely all face unexcused absences, or if their parents choose to call in, excused absences.

"We don't have the time to wait, that's not a luxury that we have anymore", says 17-year-old Katie Hutten.

"There is nothing happening about this in Derry", she said.

The demands of protests were as follows: Stop the Adani coal mine, set to be the largest in the country, no new coal or gas projects, and a commitment to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030.

Bennett said she could recall three occasions when she was a minister when she felt under threat of a physical attack and called police.

Gardener said he has been gathering support via word of mouth and the social media apps Snapchat and Instagram.

Former prime minister John Key had been keen for her to have diplomatic protection, but she declined the offer. "It's a much better day of education.this is the greatest issue of our time", he said.

Shaw praised a "brave" couple who intervened during the assault outside the entrance to Wellington Botanic Garden yesterday.

Prime Minister Theresa May is also unhappy with the strikes.

Politicians and New Zealanders were shocked by the incident, a rare attack in a country where politicians mingle freely with the public with no security cover.

"It's very unusual internationally and it's a very precious thing", Prof Shaw said.

Global climate strike begins, with students skipping school to protest