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United Nations probing North Korea sanction violations in 20 countries

14 March 2019

North Korea using a possible rocket launch as leverage in negotiations with the USA would be catastrophic for global diplomacy, a South Korean presidential adviser has said.

Biegun says the Trump administration won't budge from insisting that North Korea fully rid itself of nuclear weapons before the US makes concessions.

Any launch would send the stuttering talks on denuclearisation into disarray, after a high-stakes second summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un collapsed last month without a deal.

The Blue House has yet to confirm whether the call happened, . but can we presume that they discussed the latest satellite images that show the regime could be rebuilding its missile launch site?

Gause said, "It will definitely make it more hard for [South Korean President Moon Jae-in] to just provide concessions to North Korea with the United States taking a hardline following Hanoi". "I don't want to get into speculation as to what they're doing".

North Korea plans to restrict the number of visitors to the country to 1,000 per day starting Monday, the state-run Global Times said, citing a source. "I think Kim Jong Un has a very clear idea where the president stands".

The experts said a country, which they didn't identify, had informed them that Iran "was one of the two most lucrative markets" for North Korean military cooperation and that both the Korea Mining Development Trading Corp. and Green Pine Associated Corp. offices in the country "are active".

That's not surprising. What is, however, is that Kim Jong Un wasn't among those running, marking the first time a North Korean leader sat out the parliamentary election, reports the BBC.

Bolton says he won't speculate on North Korean nuclear site

"The United States government. expends a lot of resources and effort so we don't have to rely on commercial satellite imagery", he said.

Washington and Pyongyang have remained committed to their historic dialogue since the first encounter between Trump and Kim in Singapore last June. "We'll look at ramping those sanctions up in fact".

The last sanctions resolution adopted unanimously by the council in December 2017 was the 10th aimed at North Korea's nuclear and missile programs and sharply lowered the country's import of refined petroleum products such as diesel and kerosene and crude oil.

There were also movements around the Samundong facility that suggest preparations may be underway for a test missile launch.

The panel said it continues monitoring uranium concentration plants and mining sites in the country.

"You know, nothing in the proliferation game surprises me anymore", Bolton told Raddatz.

Biegun repeated the United States position that sanctions would not be lifted "until North Korea completes the process of denuclearisation".

United Nations probing North Korea sanction violations in 20 countries