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Three flights canceled by FAA order to ground Boeing's 737 MAX planes

14 March 2019

At a press conference on Wednesday, Garneau said Canada's decision to ground the planes came after aviation experts reviewed new satellite tracking data that found similar vertical fluctuations by both the Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air planes just before they crashed.

Air Canada has 24 Max 8s and WestJet has 13 - six per cent and seven per cent of their fleets of 400 and 175 aircraft, respectively.

Southwest is arguably the US carrier most exposed to the event.

"The safety of the American people and all people is our paramount concern", President Donald Trump said Wednesday at the White House.

That's a bit misleading, though.

"It makes me nervous because I am afraid of flying anyway, so I definitely spent last night checking if our flight was affected, but we were lucky". Instead, they speak of available seat miles, or ASMs.

"I spoke with a number of airlines".

Dozens of countries had grounded the planes following Sunday's crash, which was less that five months after another deadly crash in Indonesia involving the same type of plane.

Southwest has more than 750 Boeing 737s and 34 of the newer Max 8 aircraft.

Thai airlines do not operate MAX 8 jets.

Eight flights out of Orlando International Airport were scheduled Thursday on 737 Max 8 and 9 aircraft, carrying about 1,400 passengers, said Kaplan, citing information from aviation data company Diio. The company's shares reacted by tumbling nearly 10 points, or 2.5 percent. Carriers might not be able to take care of everyone, but they could get close. A union representing flight attendants at American Airlines and a handful of senators pushed for a similar move in the US, and anxious passengers flooded airlines with questions on social media.

Compensation for missed holidays could be a thorny issue, Sime said.

The FAA and other aviation regulators around the world took several steps after the Indonesia crash to notify pilots of the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS, and to remind them how to overcome it in the event of a malfunction.

The FAA had previously held out while many countries banned the aircraft. The last time Southwest was short of aircraft, in 2018, it used this approach.

A stall occurs when an aircraft's angle of attack (AOA)-the relative angle of the aircraft's wing surfaces to the flow of air across them-reaches the point where the wing can no longer generate enough lift to sustain flight.

Airlines can also play with frequencies. Air Transat and Porter do not use the aircraft. American even owns three regional airlines, while United invests in some of its regionals.

"Many have asked questions about how this affects our financial situation".

Germany's federal agency responsible for investigating air accidents said it would not analyze the damaged black boxes from the Ethiopian Airlines plane, casting uncertainty over the process of finding out what may have caused the disaster. "We will send this bill to those who produce this aircraft", he added.

Southwest doesn't fly any regional jets, so it doesn't have this opportunity.

Henry was among those waiting in a snaking line of a few dozen exhausted travelers Wednesday evening at one of two American Airlines' rebooking stations. Aviation is a highly regulated business, dependent on the whims of the world's economy and the ups and downs of geopolitics.

It happened with the laptop ban in 2017, when the USA government told some airlines they couldn't let passengers keep large electronics in the cabin.

Three flights canceled by FAA order to ground Boeing's 737 MAX planes