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Google Chrome gets two important tweaks for speed and data saving

14 March 2019

Basically, Chrome 73 is the latest version of Google Chrome. Lite Pages are optimised versions of webpages presented after passing them through Chrome's Data Saver feature to make them consume lesser data and load faster. Chrome 73's dark mode conforms to the Mac machine's dark theme if the same is applied at OS level.

Chrome's Dark Mode does look like the browser's Incognito Mode, which might make things a little confusing when you are using the private mode after having enabled the Dark Mode as there's only the Incognito badge differentiating the two browsing modes. So, as they say, go fill your boots.

Add -enable-features=WebUIDarkMode -force-dark-mode string in the Target field after "chrome.exe" (see the screenshot below). Developers can now let users play, pause, and skip tracks or other playlist media using buttons on their keyboard or other connected hardware, even when the media is being played in the background. The number "73" is just the version number and isn't some new browser that Google released. You'll also have to relaunch your browser after it has been updated to version 73 for the changes to take effect. For some users, the feature seemed turned on automatically when the Beta 1 firmware was installed while others - including Pixel users at Android Headlines - noted that the setting to activate it or deactivate it was nowhere to be found. Plus, the update brings Progressive Web Apps support to desktops which should further help in the uptake of PWAs among developers.

Making matters more confusing, some have reported that dark mode turns on when battery savings features are activated.

In addition, the release contains over 60 security fixes. Color schemes across settings and in the notification shade appear to remain mostly unchanged unless users access the accent color theming option in the "Developer options" segment of the Settings menu.

Google Chrome gets two important tweaks for speed and data saving